Free Daily and Weekly Off-site Hosting Backups

We’ve just launched our daily backup system. Every day and week we will take a copy of your web site files and any associated databases and give you access to them via your control panel – we keep up to two months worth of data! Our Premium product takes daily backups for 7 days and weekly backups.

YES! This is all automated and absolutely FREE! Protect yourself and your website with BD Web Services Automated Website Backup.Free Remote Backup

BD Web Services Automated Website Backup gives you:

  • Daily and Weekly automated backup of website files, databases, and emails of your cpanel
  • Easy recovery and restoration of your data from previous versions
  • Easy, do-it-yourself restore functionality
  • Secure data storage in a remote location, away from your local and server files
  • One click restorecPanel accounts directly from cpanel

Step 1:

Go to cPanel > Select cPremote Backup Management



Step 2:



  • Restore Document Root : This will restore public_html folder only.
  • Email : This will restore the email folder of the cPanel user
  • Restore Database: This will restore the databases of the cPanel user
  • Restore Home: This will restore the users full home folder which contains emails and documents.

Step 3:

Select Date and Restore! That’s It! You are safe!



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Now using KernelCare Rebootless Kernels!

KernelCare is a new great service, which provides important updates for the running kernel, eliminating the need to reboot Linux servers, decrease downtime and improve server security.logo_kernelcare

The main advantages of KernelCare:

  • Live, automated kernel patching, without reboots
  • No downtime because no reboot is needed
  • Ensures kernel has latest security updates
  • Automatic security updates

We have included KernelCare to all of our servers. This means important security updates to the Linux kernel can be applied much faster than they were before and without causing any downtime. Now all updates are applied automatically as soon as the patch is available without the need for a reboot!