Node.js web hosting in Bangladesh

Node.js is an open source JavaScript based environment for developing web based applications. Node.js is not a javascript web framework but its modules are written using javascript and you can write new modules with it too.

    Node.js APIs are non-blocking and quick responsive. This means the server based on node.js would never wait for an API to return the data. Server would move to the next API after calling the first one and node.js help the server to get the response from the previously called API.
  • Google’s V8 JavaScript engine makes Node.js very fast in programme execution.
  • Highly scalable node.js uses a single threaded model. This mechanism makes the server respond in quick way and makes it highly scalable unlike the traditional server which creates queue to handle the API requests. Node.js develops the single thread to handle all the requests which make it faster and better than compared to the traditional servers like Apache’s HTTP server.
  • Node.js never ever stores or buffers the data. It simply executes the data in chunks.
  • Node.js has been released under the MIT license.